Loving You First

For so many years love is mostly associated with a partner or relationship between friends and family. But more recently loving yourself is finally becoming more "normal".

Here is your ticket to start loving yourself..

For so long I too never had a full understanding of love the way I do now. When we are kids, we loved our favorite toys; like my son's favorite thing is his blanket (manket as he says). Even when we are a little older and my favorite thing was my black dancing shoes. As I got older I asked my dad; what is Love? How do you know when you love someone truly? His response was " Love is not when someone does all those amazing things for you that makes you love them, Love is when despite all those actions and sweet talk, in your worst moments with someone you can still proudly say you love them. Love is unconditional. Unconditional love only exists when you love without conditions". So why is it that when we are at our worst selves instead of loving ourselves unconditionally, we down talk us, we talk about how much weight we gained, we talk about all our imperfections as if we are not bashing ourselves. It's time we start loving ourselves with the most unconditional love. It's time to get a routine in place where you are constantly showing love to yourself FIRST! You hear it all the time "You can't pour into others with a empty cup".

What are you doing on a daily basis to pour into yourself? Here are some examples on what I do to pour into me that might help you!

#1 - Quick Me Time

What do you do to have "Me Time"? This can be anything, reading a book for 30 minutes daily, waking up before the family to have a morning routine for yourself to prepare for the day and to take care of everyone else, or right before bed doing a great nighttime skincare routine? Find something to do consistently everyday that makes you happy.

#2 - Pouring into your mind

This is super important! Your mindset can literally change your life. Listen to a podcast daily, or reading a book that focuses on mindset, positivity, and growth. Doing this on a daily has truly changed my way of thinking and it is transitioning my life onto the right path. Remember to always remain a student and be opened to change and growth. It's a beautiful journey.

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." - John C. Maxwell

#3 - Forgiveness

In order to grow and love yourself you need to forgive yourself! Understand that it is okay to make mistakes and accept responsibilities for those mistakes. Not only will this help make you a better person to yourself but also in your relationships with others.

#4 - Get Uncomfortable

Growth is not comfortable! This is the main reason why not many want to grow. We are so use to sticking to our ways of doing and thinking that anything else just seems wrong and that is not true! It feels weird and different because it is! But that's when you know you are growing. Love the process and be patient. Do things that you've never done before and become a bright light in your own world and it will reflect off on others too.

#5 - Practice makes perfect.

I had tried this some time ago and it truly has helped me grow and love myself more. Try it and let me know how it goes!

For every negative thing you say about yourself you must say 3 positive reflections for that one negative comment.

Ex. Negative comment "I hate the way I look"

Positive reflections

  1. I birthed my son with this body!

  2. God made me this way!

  3. I love my new hips!

In The End

We are the only ones who can love and respect ourselves the way we want to be loved and respected. Once we do this then we will accept nothing less and be filled with so much more joy and love in this life. Whether you are celebrating today with a significant other, friends, family, or yourself. Remember that the most adoring kind of love out there is Loving You FIRST.

I'd love to hear all about the ways you love yourself! Leave a comment and share this post with 3 others!